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The construction sector is probably the one with the highest percentage of consultants, either independent or employed in a bigger institute. Some have very narrow specialties, others operate in more general terms together offering a wide variation of topics and quality. Then what is the added value of
Haver-con as yet another independent consultant, even such a small one?

"Been anywhere, seen everything"

Having a background in quality assurance, both from manufacturers side and assessors side for over 12 years, and active on the Northern hemisphere*, we could state that the thrive behind Haver-con is solely aimed at providing useful and reliable information about reliable products in the construction sector. And all that goes along to get there, including participation in national and international standardization.

And that is where the
Construction Products Directive (CPD) and Regulation (CPR) show up. A complex system of establishing a harmonized technical language within Europe, using defined principles. A system built on defined responsibilities with simultaneously enough opportunity for competition elements, a thorough balance between trust whenever possible, requirements for proof and surveillance.

It has become clear that there is indeed a need for independent consultants who do not try to sell additional services at the same time. And that is exactly the role Haver-con wishes to play. To provide information and guidance to meet legislative demands but keeping in mind the actual organisation and consequences of choices.

Previous experience was obtained in most current EU Member States, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Japan, Middle East and the Russian Federation.

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