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And that is where the Construction Products Directive (CPD) and Regulation (CPR) show up. A complex system of establishing a harmonized technical language within Europe, using defined principles. A system built on defined responsibilities with simultaneously enough opportunity for competition elements, a thorough balance between trust whenever possible, requirements for proof and surveillance.

In order to achieve this common technical language it has been strongly promoted by the EC, turning it first in a Directive and now shortly into a Regulation. There you have the legal aspect.

For those who have been active in the construction sector, you may have noticed that technical people and lawyers may seem to have the same objectives but not the same vocabulary.

Within Haver-con there is also experience in consulting Governments regarding implementation of the European approach and legislation. So far with very positive feedback, since the position of the assignor has always been taken carefully into account. Haver-con does not impose solutions, it just offers to the point information, insights and background in order to take the best strategic decisions.
And might the required information is not be directly available, the international network will be used to get it.

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